24 February 2014

New beginnings...

After much deliberation we have decided to change builders. We didn't feel we were getting what we wanted with McDonald Jones or good value for money and after viewing a Sierra that was under construction we realised it was to small for our needs.

After months of issues with MJH we started toying with the idea around January after seeing the house plan 'Lexia' with Beechwood which ticked all the boxes.

Beechwood have been fantastic, they are very flexible, we almost feel like we are building with a custom builder in terms of plans and upgrades.  We walked through the selection center before we signed to make sure we liked the selections (should have done this with MJH). We have changed the plan considerably from the original and added in a lot of upgrades and as a bonus we are still under budget. We don't really want to do things after handover so our own trades being able to go in and get stuff done before handover will be handy.

I am sure there is going to be up and downs with BH but hopefully not what we experienced with MJH before even commencing construction. It feels a great relief to have changed. 

So we have now officially signed with Beechwood Homes and paid our deposit.

We also just received notification from Stockland that Stage 10 in Brooks Reach has been delayed until May due to boundary issues. It's a bit disappointing but we will need around 10 weeks anyway to get plans ready and finalised which need to go to Stockland for approval so we should be ready to go once the land registers.