22 September 2014

Come on CDC approval!

Day 8 of CDC and we are eagerly awaiting confirmation that we are approved and we can move on to colours!

We have spent those CDC days double checking the house internals making sure that everything is even and we haven't forgotten anything. Some thing that has been bothering me is the kitchen breakfast bar, on the current plans it sticks out 400mm past the fridge wall. I originally thought it was a great idea, upon thinking realistically I realise it is probably taking up way too much living/dining space :/

So with that in mind we set out to work out how we could get more living space and decided to decrease the WIL/WIP 400mm. If you see on the plans below we will still get an OK size WIP at around 875mm x 2000. The Living/Dining becomes 5165mm instead of 4765mm :)

With the WIL I think it would be better to swap the door and have it open outwards. I know it's considerably smaller than the previous one but we would much rather the living/dining space.

Any feedback would be appreciated! We have made over 45 variations to the Lexia to make it our own plan and the worst thing is not knowing how it's all going to look or if an area is too small. I think in the long run we would regret not making the Living/Dining room bigger if we could.

12 September 2014


On Wednesday we received a text message from BWH that our plans have been lodged to CDC!
This will take 10 days, not sure if it's days or business days so we will see.

Once we have approval from CDC we will be able to make an appointment with headoffice for colours and contract signing then the 28 days countdown to site start begins!

While we wait for contract signing we need to confirm our colours, we thought we had everything set until we (I) hehe started watching this season of The Block.

We love everything Chris and Jenna and Max and Karstan have produced. The kitchen and bathrooms are to die for! We have already chosen the same bathroom tiles but in Matte finish and for the kitchen we have black benchtops and a mirror splashback already selected but we had chosen Cavia Lini for the cabinets. Thinking now to change to the same cabinet colour 'Sepia Oak" - will just need to confirm upgrade price :/

Karstan and Max's bathroo

Karstan and Max's bathroom have produced so far, there kitchen and bathrooms are to die for!The funny thing is we must have the same taste as we had chosen the exact bathroom tiles but in Matte finish and we also have black benchtops and mirror splashback for the kitchens.