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I am always on the hunt for unique homewares and ideas for styling our home. Below is a list of stores that I love, I know it's a long list but each store offers something a little different than the other. 

10 Interior Styling Tips
  1. Start with Artwork and style the room around it. The artwork will be the focal piece and draws attention away from the floor.
  2. Art should be proportionate to the space it is displayed in, and masking tape is the best tool in the shed, as you can simply mask up the space on your wall and know visually ‘clock’ it to see if it works in size.  
  3. Use an oversized rug to create a sense of space (an insider secret). The rug should not be over patterned or to busy so the space has a sense of harmony and balance.
  4. Styling in odd pops of three gives immediate unification for the room. Odd numbers are the interior stylists go to, you should always style in odd numbers.
  5. Make sure the colour is consistent and spread across the room. Accent colours should appear in a few different spots of the space.
  6. Use a mix if textures, it makes the room much more interesting.
  7. Use cushions and throws to compliment the colour in the artwork.
  8. Greenery is your ‘proof of life’ and ensures a space feels alive.
  9. Different heights create interest.
  10. There is no right or wrong. Go with your gut instinct and have fun!

The images below are examples of the above principals from Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors. 

Bathroom Inspirations

So whilst we wait for work to resume on our block I thought I would share some of my decorating ideas for our home.

As we are having Charcoal tiles on the floor and walls in the bathrooms I want to add some colour in the way of accents and artwork. If you prefer not to do anything too drastic, look for accessories such as storage containers, bins and towels. To add warmth and texture to your bathroom, mix in timber, stone and marble elements.

Top Left: Aura Dua Hand Towel, Middle: Aura Dua Lime Bath Sheet, Top Right: Normann Copenhagen Sticks Hooks, Bottom Right: Mechanics 1 Light Cage Pendant in Black, Bottom Left: Aesop Handwash,
Middle Left: Milli Edge Hand Towel

Window Furnishings

I really like sheers, I think they make a room look softer and give a homey feeling. So far out of the samples I've gotten my favourite is Zepel Allusion Semi Sheer fabric (below). It's a linen blend.
Would love to have these for the Living area and Bed 4 sliders, I think it would give such a luxurious finish to the room :) Not 100% sure on colour , I like both the charcoal and Linen colours. In the process of getting a quote but will decide on colour once tiles are down!

We already have our plantation shutters quoted for each bedroom and theatre. Once again not 100% sure on the main bedroom shutters, how much privacy do they give, I'm assuming we would have to keep them closed as our bedroom is at the front of the house? 
I am wondering to change them to a sheer curtain with a blockout blind or a double blind with a sheer and blockout. I'm leaning towards the sheer curtain option. You can clearly see I have a small obsession with sheer curtains!

Zepel Allusion Semi Sheer fabric

Zepel Allusion Semi Sheer fabric  - Liquorice

Lighting Selections

In our package we have 6 pendant lights, 3 over the breakfast bar, 1 over the dining table and 2 in the main bedroom 1 either side of bed. Thinking we like these but not sure if they go together.

These pendants are from Melbourne based designer About Space.




Alfresco Fan

Facade Lights x 4

Tile Selections

Touchstone Nero DC-Porc Seal Honed Rect 600mm x 600mm

Same tiles in gloss - we will be having matt all throughout the house

McDonald Jones Santorini (same layout as our floorplan)

McDonald Jones Santorini


Our Kitchen Colours

Our Kitchen Colours and similar flooring (Rawson Homes Clifford)

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