27 March 2015

Wallie wall walls

We have walls (internal)! Every trip to the house gets more and more exciting, now that there's walls up it feels so much more like a house - has anyone else had the strong urge to want to broom out all the dust and dirt?! 

5 March 2015

Day 7 of bricking and finished!

Day 7 of brick and it's finished :DWe were advised from our CLO yesterday that next week they will start the eaves, brick clean, insulation followed by gyprock !

4 March 2015

Day 6 of bricking and electrical rough in...

Bricking is almost finished and I can't believe they are nearly finished after only 7 days of bricking. They only need to cap off the windows, install the steel beam over the garage and finish off the brick pole in the Alfresco and facade pole.

Electrical rough in is complete!

Alfresco P/P
Living Room

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