14 May 2014


I got a phone call yesterday from BH that we can't have our beautiful facade :(
Apparently we are at our maximum size limit and having the facade will mean the house is too long! Very disappointing :(

So we spent most of last night trying to decide between our options, which was either the Seaview or one of the Classic facades. Given the price of the Seaview we have decided on the Classic 3 facade with a few changes.  I'm a visual person so had to do a mock up of what it would look like.

We added Moroka around the windows/pillar and Seville 2 windows in lieu of the standard. We also upgraded to a double door garage in lieu of the 2 single garages.
The Classic 3 facade is a free facade but I am estimating around $3000 in upgrades to the facade.

So email sent to BH and fingers crossed we can do the window upgrades! If not I'm sure my DH is going to go bonkers!

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