5 December 2014

Site works

Of course this stuff happens when we are away, not sure what day it started. Thanks to our awesome neighbour for the pics! Land is now scrapped! It was so unexpected (exciting but unexpected) we thought site works would start after christmas. I may have freaked slightly, all I could think about was wanting to get photos and having missed half of the site works! But of course I was way ahead of myself and freaking for no reason the block had only been cut and filled and no plumbing or slab work had been done yet which meant that I hadn't missed any important photo opportunities hehe.

So, BWH has cut and filled the block and advised that a slab should be down this week. Hope this rain doesn't ruin the plans.  


  1. Congrats,,nice to see something happening :-),,,,after xmas there is going to be a flurry of work on ur site,,,,hope u have nice weather when ur build starts,

    1. Thank Ann, we are keeping our fingers crossed for a slab before christmas :D
      Congrats on the completion of your home, your pool area is lovely, you've done a great job :)