12 November 2015


Sorry for the long time between posts! It's been over 4 months since we moved in and the house is great.

We completed our 90 day maintenance and had 22 items outstanding that need to be fixed. We heard back almost straight away from Beechwood and after that nothing. So I'll need to keep on there backs. In hind sight, I wish we had waited another week and gotten a few more things checked off before handover and would definitely do this next time, yes I am already designing the next house!

So what's next? Our landscaping started this week and it's very exciting! We have two 1 meter high retaining walls and they should be finished in the next two weeks, weather permitting.

It'll be great to finally be able to sit out on the alfresco and enjoy it. We are going to put concrete up both sides to the end of the alfresco and grass the back and front. We originally wanted decking on the side of the alfresco but we aren't sure how often you need to oil it and hubby thinks it'll be too much maintenance :(

Yay for pendant lights!

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  1. What did you wish you had checked off before signing off? Is there any advice you would give me or things to check as we are a few weeks out from finish with them too...
    thanks Taneill