16 June 2014

Still waiting...

So here we are mid June and we are still waiting for registration. Stockland have told us they will be lodging to LPI by the end of the week - at this point we will believe it when we see it!  Once it's lodged to LPI it will be around 4 weeks until registration!

Also, we are still waiting on the final plans back from BW. We sent the plans back on the 2/6 as Bed 3 & 4 windows were off center. I hope there are no more mistakes as BW admin processes are way to long.

In the meantime we decided to change the external colours, we just felt that the outside didn't reflect the inside and we wanted it to all be similar colours.

Hopefully I will have some good news at the end of the week!

I also used floorplanner.com to do a mock up of the internals.

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