31 July 2014

Plan Changes

Variations we made to plans:

- Flip entrance door

- Centre all windows


- Provide moroka finish to front of master suite and patio (including brick pier) returning 1000mm approx down side of Master Suite $324
- Provide 2 x AAA1912 windows to master suite front wall in lieu of standard $902
- Provide a 4.89 (max) wide sectional panel door in lieu of two standard including engineer's designed steel beam $1784
- Provide Hume 820mm XS28 entrance door in lieu of standard $0
- Provide a Gainsborough Trilock Omni 8905 double cylinder in lieu of standard $611
- Provide colourgrain timber look alike doors (steel) to garage sectional panel door $372


- Decrease WIP + WIL depth to 875mm to allow breakfast bar to align with fridge cavity end wall
- Relocate fridge cavity to laundry wall adjacent to laundry door 990mm x 850mm $$
- Decrease breakfast bar 15cm to 2730mm to increase space between fridge and breakfast bar to 950mm 
- Decrease rear kitchen bench to 2730mm
- Increase WIP door to 720mm
- Decrease Laundry door to 720mm
- Widen WIL and WIP 10cm to compensate for 620mm door; reducing space between bench and breakfast bar to 1050mm $

- Provide 2 x ATD2009 (850mm) Double Hung windows (windows to sit on floor adjacent to Alcove) to Meals area in lieu of previously requested ATD1907 (724mm) $
- Provide under eave alcove $
- Provide stacker door 3195mm in lieu of standard $


- Provide AS1416 bathroom window in lieu of standard $
Move the Bathroom window down the wall to sit 100mm above the bath frame
- Flip the bathroom
- Increase bathroom 210mm into Bed 3 to incorporate 1670 bath


- WIR 820mm door change to 720mm door
- Relocate WIR door 100mm towards garage
- Increase WIR by 60mm in width (new size 1580mm x 2250mm) making Ensuite 1800mm x 2250mm
- Decrease sq set entrance to Ensuite from 900mm to 800mm - set 50mm from from back of WIR. 
Cavity door to WIR (720mm) $
- Provide AS0616 window to Bed 4 in lieu of stanard
Provide stacker door 3195mm in lieu of standard $

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